Happy Easter, Nanny! Love, Hopey

I’ve been baking Nanny’s oatmeal cookies since I was a teenager. As anyone in my family will tell you, no holiday is complete without them, and with Easter just around the corner, I wanted to share them with you, too. 

Nanny used the Quaker Oats recipe from the canister, but one inclusion made the cookies uniquely hers. You see, Nanny baked her cookies with M&Ms, thus making her far cooler than any other grandmother I knew–most of whom would bake them with (shudder!) raisins. No. Not Nanny. She was onto something with those M&Ms. I add a half cup of candies to my recipe. She might have used a whole cup–I already explained she was a cool lady, didn’t I?

Good mornin', sunshine!

Here’s a link to the Quaker Oats recipe. My only change–I use softened butter instead of vegetable shortening.

What? Doesn't everybody have a watchcat on patrol when they bake?

Sending virtual cookies–especially to my cousin Al–and wishing everyone a happy holiday weekend!