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Cheers with cherries!

There’s new meaning to finger lickin’ good in Katty’s Kitchen, having handled cherries soaked in Van Gogh Dutch chocolate vodka and Cruzan vanilla rum, then dipping them in chocolate. I feel a bit like Willy Wonka right about now. Cue “Pure Imagination”…

Ahh, drunken fruit–what could be a more fun way to add fruit and antioxidants to your day? Two plus pounds of cherries later, I made my way home from Belltown Hill Orchards with thoughts of getting them nicely liquored up. But how? Poke holes? Yes, that would help get the job done in style.

Being in a whimsical sort of mood, I couldn’t resist poking smiley faces on each little guy.

Here's lookin' atcha!

These odd little summer jack-o’lanterns, smiling at me from their jars on the shelf, made  me chuckle more than once today when I opened the fridge.

Hi there.

After poking the holes, I filled three jars with cherries, then covered one with rum, one with vodka and the last with 43 Liqueur. Tonight, I dipped two out of the three jars in chocolate. New jack-o’cherries have been recruited to hang out and get happy in the fridge.

Life’s a bowl of tipsy cherries–cheers to that and to you, too! They’re darned tasty with or without a chocolate dip.

April Katt keeps a watchful eye on the cherries.

Cherry cheers from our kitchen to yours!