I almost feel guilty posting this as a recipe as it’s just something I’ve been throwing together lately, but if you need an idea for a quick ‘n tasty dinner, here is one! And as part of my ongoing effort to increase my iron intake, it’s a great way to cook a bag of spinach in the iron skillet.

Sadly, no more native spinach in my neck o’the woods till September, so says the man at the farm stand. Like yours truly, spinach doesn’t care much for extreme heat (understatement!), so I had to pick up a bag at the store this time.


2 cloves garlic, pressed
oil for the bottom of your cast iron pan (who measures?!)
1 bag spinach, rinsed (or native if you have it)
2 sausage patties (my local favorite is Public Market’s chicken sausage)
1/2 pound of your favorite pasta
1 tablespoon (or less) of butter

Set a pot of water to boil so you can get your pasta cookin’. Meantime, sautee garlic in a cast iron skillet. Add sausage, breaking up into bite-sized pieces.

When sausage is cooked, add spinach to skillet and cover till it wilts.

Toss cooked pasta with spinach/sausage mixture and add a pat of butter or so ’cause, as always, butter makes it better! Serve with pecorino romano and crushed red pepper.

Oh, and now for a little lesson in Italian dialects. I know it’s not book Italian, but this dish is–in my mind, anyway–phonetically ah lee ohl. That’s how I always heard it said here in my hometown–sister city of Melilli, Sicily–where we drop final vowels and order gabbagoal in the deli and make manigawt at home. My guess is if you’re anywhere in New England, you know EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ about. Eh, cumpari! Tippity-tippity-ta!