December 2010

We’re having a blizzard–a perfect time to crank up the oven and enjoy the goodness of roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic.

Usually, I just buy Brussels sprouts in the little cup container you find in the produce section. Today I found the entire green jingle bell variety, stalk and all. Can’t get much fresher than that unless you grow them yourself.

File this under “so easy, it shouldn’t be a recipe.” So good, though–you must try this if you haven’t before.


About 12 oz. Brussels sprouts
Extra virgin olive oil
4 cloves garlic

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Peel away any brown/yellow outer leaves, cut off stems. Halve each sprout, coat with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Smash garlic cloves with the side of your knife. Remember I said this was so easy it shouldn’t be a recipe?

Place sprouts and garlic in a pan. Cook for 35-40 minutes, giving them a shake or a turn with your tongs every so often. They’ll get a little crispy on the outer leaves and rather golden like this!

Enjoy! And stay toasty during the storm!

So many recipes for bourbon balls–many made with Nilla Wafers. But I never snack on Nilla Wafers. I’m a Bahlsen Butter Biscuit girl all the way. So wouldn’t bourbon balls with butter biscuits be even better? You betcha!

I’ve loved these biscuits for years and stock up on the chocolate-topped variety (Choco-Liebniz) whenever they’re on sale.

I think I got a bit of a contact buzz just stirring the bowl of alcohol with sugar, corn syrup and vanilla–good morning! Nevermind, of course, I sample as I go. Hey, it’s all about quality control! Bourbon balls–breakfast of champions! Cheers to that!


1 cup confectioners sugar
1/2 cup bourbon (you can use rum, too, but you’ll get more bang from bourbon!)
1/4 cup light corn syrup (I used Karo with vanilla)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 boxes Bahlsen Butter Leaves–crush them in a food processor or blender
1 1/2 cups pecans–take these for a spin in the food processor as well so they’re finely chopped
4-5 turns of coarse ground salt

Nekked Butter Biscuit Bourbon Balls (sans their chocolate coats!)

Sift together onto a plate:
1/3 cup confectioners sugar
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

Roll each ball to coat. I made 66, that is before I sampled…

Bourbon balls…butter-biscuity, boozy treats that make you go NOM NOM NOM! It’s good enough for the Cookie Monster and it’s good enough for me! Happy holidaze!