Do you know what today is? It’s our blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year since April Katt and I stepped into culinary cyberspace as Katty’s Kitchen. It’s been so much fun trying new recipes, sharing old favorites and getting to know some of you along the way.

I didn’t want “our day” to go by without posting something new and special. If you’ve been following along, you may know Ghirardelli’s brownie recipe is my all-time fave. I’ve come up with a few riffs on it over time, but this week, I wondered what lavender brownies might be like. Turns out, dessert maven Alice Medrich beat me to the concept several years ago.

Of course, part of what I’ve learned over the past year is there’s always a way to make something your own. Take your favorite brownie recipe. To the sugar, add 1 tablespoon and one teaspoon (or four teaspoons if that seems easier) of dried lavender buds.

I’m happy as a clam to report that’s actual sunlight you see streaming into the processor bowl! Buzz ’em up in your mini food processor like so.

The fragrance is AMAZING!

I’d love for you to try the Ghirardelli recipe (no raspberries and no white chocolate chips this time), but whatever brownie recipe rocks your world, lavender it up!

So, thanks for coming along for the ride with us. We have lots more to bake, cook and otherwise dream up in the kitchen, so please stay tuned…hopefully for many more anniversaries to come!


P.S. Special thanks to my cameraman for helping me pull this off while I’m traveling!