Have you seen the cover of Bon Appétit this month? “Best-ever brownies,” they proclaim–“Warning: you will eat the entire tray.” Hmm. And they’re made with browned butter!

These are easily the most intensely chocolate brownies I’ve ever baked or eaten. Using Valrhona doesn’t hurt, of course. I blame Steph. Not only had I seen that serious food porn last week, but then my friend had to let me know she had made them and indeed found them to be  “the best ever.” Game on.

I skipped the walnuts. And though I wanted to follow the recipe precisely, I hate lining a pan with foil. I tried it twice and ripped the foil trying to butter it, so I just did it au natural, HA HA! I am sure those of you with cooking spray handy are laughing at me…and cranking out fancier brownies, too. More power to you!

Here’s the recipe, brought to you courtesy of Bon Appétit and chocolate maven, Alice Medrich.

Add dry ingredients to the browned butter.

Add eggs, one at a time.

Batter this good shouldn't be wasted, so be sure to lick your spatula!