I’d like to share a little taste of my hometown–a riff on a delicious appetizer they serve at Mondo in downtown Middletown.

Theirs looks like this–almost sushi-like in presentation. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

But how did they do it? I didn’t ask. How hard could it be? I looked up other fresh mozz recipes and saw instructions to roll it out. ROLL IT OUT? REALLY? I had my doubts, but had to try it. As I suspected, it didn’t work very well for me, so I turned the idea inside out. Instead of fresh mozz as the outer layer, I used the prosciutto to wrap cubes of fresh mozz and arugula. Ahh, much easier. And just as delish! So, andiamo–on with the show!

inspired by Mondo Restaurant, Middletown, CT

Four slices thinly sliced prosciutto (I love the Canadian prozhutt at M’town’s own Public Market)
12 cubes fresh mozzarella (3 per slice of prosciutto)
fresh arugula
fresh parsley (I didn’t add to the arugula this time, but will next time)
slices of fresh lemon
Penzey’s California Seasoned Pepper (to sprinkle over the mozz)
white truffle oil

Assembly is very simple. You might want to start off with a cutting board instead of dishes like your friend the kat. Place a bundle of arugula (and parsley if you like) in the middle of each slice of prosciutto. Top with three cubes of mozzarella. Sprinkle with Penzey’s California Seasoned Pepper and a bit of salt if you like.

Now roll ’em up and cut each roll in two. Drizzle with white truffle oil; serve with slices of lemon to garnish. Serves two.

Making this appetizer is a great way to stay cool as hot fun in the summertime continues! If you’re not inspired to try this at home, make tracks to Mondo–and order it with any one of their delicious (#1 in my hometown) pizzas!