I’m not sure native corn is digging the weather any more than most of us have been, here in the Land of Steady Habits. First it was too cold. Then it wouldn’t stop raining. Then we had a week-long heatwave, during which I had no ambition to boil water for corn. But, finally, it’s no longer oppressively hot. And it seems native corn is here and lookin’ good. In fact, my mom tipped me off to some delicious local corn just this past week.

Ma: I bought this great corn at Tri-Town from Ferrari Farm in Glastonbury.
Me: Really, where is that?
Ma: It’s on 17 heading north. It’s near a house.
Me: ? ? ? ? It’s not near anything specifically?
Ma: No, there’s just a sign there. I saw it today. Ferrari. Or Fieri. Or something.
Me: Great. Now you don’t even have the name right.
Ma: Hey, Hopey, guess what kind of car I saw today?
Me: A Ferrari?
Ma: An Alpha Omega!
Me: An Alfa Romeo?!
Ma: Yeah, that’s it!

You can find Ferrari corn at Whole Foods in Glastonbury, too. And I was feeling so flush yesterday, I bought four Ferraris! So sad the only Ferraris I can afford have husks and are best eaten rather than driven at warp speed. 😛

So, now that great corn is available, why not take it to the casino with compound butter? If you’ve never made compound butter, you’re in for a treat. When my friend Pat told me she had made one with garlic and basil for corn on the cob, that was so good it started spinning the wheels in my head. Then I thought, what if I made a compound butter with all the flavors of clams casino (except the clams, of course!)? What is not to love about getting bacon in the mix? Let’s do it!


1 stick butter (salted), softened
1 slice red pepper
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons Pecorino Romano
1/2 a lemon, zested
1 piece of cooked bacon, crumbled
2 tablespoons fresh parsley
1 teaspoon black pepper

Pulse softened butter with ingredients in your food processor. Once blended, transfer compound butter to parchment paper. Form a log of butter, then roll the parchment around it as if you’re making a party favor (or firecracker!) and tie off the ends.
And, of course, you can schmear it on toast…
It’s fab in a BLT (yup!) or you can use it to top steak, chicken or veggies (or even sea creatures). Your luck won’t run out when you take your favorite foods to the casino. So, let’s get lucky, shall we? This is such the song of summer 2013 in my mind!
Here’s hopin’ you’ll find casino butter to be the alpha and omega of native corn as you know it! HA HA, sorry, Ma! 😀