A few months back, a local grinder chain set up shop in my hometown. As the granddaughter of a great grinder maker, I figured I’d be a tough customer. But I quickly became hooked on Nardelli’s and theirĀ  “classic mix”–chopped olives, onions, peppers. I’m really not sure what else is in the mix, but much as I usually loathe raw onions on a sandwich, it really works! So much so, I had to play at home and put my own spin on it.

First, allow me to introduce one of my favorite sammich-worthy ingredients–hot pepper relish!

If you’re a heat seeker, you’ll want to find some shelf space in the fridge for the Sclafani! Spread it across one piece of bread.

So thin, thin, thin it’s almost transparent–slices of hot soppressata from Public Market and some nice Canadian prosciutto, too. I usually look for prosciuttini (peppered ham), but “prozhutt” is even better! Canadian prosciutto is half the price of Parma, too.

Remember that classic mix I mentioned? Here’s my simplified version: chopped onions, olives and red bell pepper. Tomatoes on the flip side complete the picture. Oh, and since we’re grilling, how can we forget the provolone? It’s hiding under the meat, but you’ll see it later.

This is no small sandwich. See the flecks of rosemary in the olive oil bread, too?

Now, a toast! To lovers of great sandwiches everywhere–CENT’ANNI! And let us toast this panino. But how to do it?

Space prohibits me from having all the toys my heart desires in the kitchen. Luckily, a very clever cat showed me how to make panini without a press.

Drizzle with olive oil.

Got two pans? Look how easy! Give it a gentle squeeze.

That’ll get you this!

But wait–slicing in half shows you just how good it gets!

It’s the good life! May you enjoy it, too–every last bite!