Happy Halloween from Katty’s Kitchen! I was inspired to bake Martha Stewart’s pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing after my friend Stuart made them with his son last week…and then kindly brought me some to try. Mmmmm…if you’ve never tried brown butter icing (I hadn’t), you will thank me for bringing this recipe to your attention. Plus, if you still have a half a large can of pumpkin leftover from making gelato, this is a fantastic way to use it up!

I made a few variations to Martha’s recipe you may find helpful:

Bag the pastry bag! I picked up a 1-5/8″ scoop at For the Kitchen in Glastonbury and it worked purrfectly! I flattened the “dome” of each scoop ever so slightly with a knife.

Salted butter variation: You may have noticed I never use unsalted butter in recipes. So if you’d like to do the same, simply use 3/4 teaspoons coarse salt instead of 1¼ teaspoons.

Just 11 minutes in my oven–12 minutes made them darker on the bottom than I prefer, so keep an eye on these as they bake and adjust accordingly.

Browning the butter: the recipe calls for melting the butter, then browning it over medium heat for about 3 minutes. My butter, in double that time, simply was NOT browning, but turning it up just a notch to medium high did the trick nicely!

Top ’em off: Like just a little salt with your sweet? I do! So I cut the sweetness of the frosting with just a touch of finishing salt (Australian flake salt) ground between my fingers and sprinkled over the top of each cookie.

I have more cookies than I can shake a stick at in my kitchen–it really does yield 72 cookies! Want some? All treats–no tricks!