On chilly days like this, there’s nothing like a steaming mug of hot apple pie. Mug? Yes, you read that right. Anything that holds 8 oz. of liquid and can take a trip in the microwave will do the trick nicely. Amici, ’tis the season for Tuaca–vanilla citrus liqueur that adds just the right flavor to hot apple cider.


Here in the Land of Steady Habits, we have lots of local cider choices. I’m partial to Woodland Farm, way, way up in the hills of South Glastonbury. If you’re lucky, my canine pal Sophie will greet you when you go.


6 oz. apple cider
2 oz. Tuaca
whipped cream
cinnamon and/or nutmeg to sprinkle on top (optional)

Ready for how easy this is? Grab a mug you can put in the microwave. Fill with cider and Tuaca. At my house, the “quick minute” setting works perfectly. See if a minute in the micro at your house works the same.

Top with whipped cream, cinnamon and nutmeg. Because what’s not to love about a little “Whipped Cream” to make the day a little brighter? One day, it’s gonna be jazz hands on Main Street with my girlfriends and me, dancin’ it up to this tune. With a vivid imagination, and an adult beverage or two, anything is possible! 😀 Cheers to that! And to all my girlfriends dancing along virtually! CLINQUE and CENT’ANN’!