PICK ME! PICK ME! So pleaded the bottle of blood orange juice as I spied it in Stop & Shop.

I had my eye on this persuasive (!) blood orange juice last time I was in the produce aisle, but found it especially irresistible when I read its side panel–Sicilian Delight!

Ooh, get in the cart, baby! You’re about to become even more delightful!

Last week, I tried X-Rated Fusion Liqueur in a lychee cocktail and decided I had to experiment at home. Made from blood oranges, mangoes and passion fruit, X-Rated Fusion might possibly be even betta with blood orange juice than lychee. Someone had to figure it out. And it was gonna be me!

So, as luck would have it, I found (file under “Who knew?”) right here in the Land of Steady Habits, Westford Hill Distillers is crankin’ out Rime Organic Vodka. Of course, I had to try it and it’s excellent!

But together: equal parts Rime organic vodka, Noble blood orange juice and X-Rated Fusion liqueur? Why, we’ve got X-Rated Sicilian Delight! And on a sunshine day, it sure goes down easy. CENT’ANNI! Happy weekend, amici!